Insurance Negotiation

With the evolving landscape for dental reimbursements, it is becoming increasingly difficult to not only negotiate directly with insurance providers – but to understand which companies or leasers you should participate with in the first place.

Light Wave Dental leverages its experiences in this area to develop a recommended strategy. There are four steps in the process:

1.       Assess your existing plans & reimbursement rates: analyze historical fee schedules, patient participation, and reimbursements to understand the volume of claims going through each insurance provider or lessee.

2.       Analyze industry data for local geographical area: with analysis software, we assess industry-leading percentile and utilization data to understand how your office compares to other offices nearby.

3.       Identify the recommended plans & negotiate terms: once it is clear which plans make the most sense, we work closely with insurance providers to ensure all doctors are credentialed and the fee schedules are mutually agreed upon.

4.       Rollout updates to the office staff: it is critical for staff to have a detailed understanding of which plans are accepted, how to file claims, and how to handle denials. These topics are all covered during a training call. 

This process removes a great deal of stress from dentists and their staff, which allows you to focus on your practice and patients. To learn more about the services that we offer, click here