In the era of “Big Data” it is critical to have the infrastructure available to generate the business intelligence reporting required to make the right strategic & operational decisions for your dental practice in “real-time”. Light Wave Dental has established this structure to incorporate data across various systems (e.g. practice management, payroll, telecommunications, marketing) to generate regular reporting for your practice. This data provides the visibility into trends and metrics that allow you to make proactive decisions, such as:

  • Which marketing initiatives are yielding the most new patients with the highest ROI?
  • How does my reappointment rate compare to other practices?
  • What percentage of inbound calls to the office are going unanswered?
  • Is my pricing and collection rate above or below industry average?

Each practice also has a dashboard available to view daily performance metrics for the office; including number of patients visits, total production by resource, collections, and more. These can be used to facilitate a “morning huddle” with the staff.

The Light Wave Dental Team works closely with you to understand the impacts of these metrics and formulate plans to address any shortcomings. As additional reporting needs arise, you will directly impact the improvements to our analytics based on those needs. To learn more about the services that we offer, click here